Agnes Nandudu

Please list the courses you wish to study next year

  1. Nursing
    I want to take care/help myself and my siblings

    Reasons as to why I want to study the above course is that  I want to rescue people’s lives.  Some nurses just ignore patients and won’t help because they weren’t bribed and they’re being paid by the government

About Yourself

I am Nandudu Agnes, the first born in a family of five.   I am nineteen years old and in the fourth year of high school pursuing my certificate of education.

After completion of this certificate, I would like to join a certificate of nursing.  This course will help me take care of myself, siblings, and community. 

We have cruel nurses in our clinics and public hospitals. They really treat the patients so bad.   I just want to intervene in this issue, to handle the patients with love, care, and support.

Sometimes the drugs are being stolen by some medical personnel.  I want to be a role model nurse.  “No corruption” I want to give the patients quality treatment.

The Ugandan nurses in government hospitals have a tendency of ignoring patients who don’t have money to offer to them as a bribe and end up dying without being attended to yet they’re suppose to offer free services to the people.

Due to the above I feel the great concern I need of studying the nursing course at university.

Please thank you for your consideration.
Yours faithfully
Nandudu Agnes
Bugisu High School