Congrats to Jane Namukuta for Graduating from Universitty

Everybody here at Girls Matter is especially proud of Jane Namukuta for graduating from university with a degree in Public Administration.

You are a light to everyone in Buyaya! Well done Jane!

Special thanks to everybody who helped to sponsor Jane.

News from Peninah and her Report Card

Peninah Namono, one of our sponsored students, is currently on holidays in Uganda.

She wanted to share this message and her report card with everyone.

Good work Peninah! We are all so proud of yo

Dear Sir/Madam.

RE: Girls Matter

I Namono Peninah greet you in your respective places in the name of the Lord. I am in my holidays in Mbale.

I gratefully thank you for your sponsorship of my studies from the bottom of my heart. May the good Lord continue to bless the works of your hands.

Yours faithfully

Namono Peninah

A Thank You Message from Peninah


Peninah was very excited when she learned she had been sponsored thanks the the fundraiser put on by Interac, the Whistler Rotary Youth Group, at Creekbread in Whistler, BC.

To express her appreciation she sent in this photo.

Help Jane Finish her Studies

Jane Namukuta, one of our Girls Matter scholars, has almost finished her Bachelor of Public Administrator and become the very first university graduate from her village of Buyaya.

Jane has written a blog about her progress, which can be read here.  An excerpt is shown below:

Am Namukuta Jane from Buyaya, a student from Uganda Christian University Mbale campus pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management. I am so grateful for whatever you have done for me.

God bless you so much because I have finished my exams for semester six but I still have to research for next year from early January to early April just because I had no money for research.

I can not get a job when I have not finished my studies.

Otherwise am very glad to be the product of Meaningful in Buyaya.
— Jane Namukuta

Please help Jane get over the final hurdle and complete her studies.  Sponsorship options are below.

Grace Tendo Now a Sponsored Student

Congratulations to Grace Tendo who is our newest scholar!

Grace is now in a position to complete her high school studies and move onto nursing or education at university.

Well done Grace!

Our First Three Scholars are now Fully Sponsored

We are delighted to announce that our fist three scholars (Jane, Agnes, and Gloria) are now fully sponsored through some generous sponsors and can now proceed fully with their studies.

We are so proud of all of them.  Check out some images and videos below

A message from Agnes

Gloria and Agnes are now Sponsored Scholars

Girls Matter is happy to announce that Agnes and Gloria are now sponsored scholars. Congratulations to your both!  We can't wait to see the wonderful things you will achieve.

A special thank you to Julie McArthur and the clients at Haven Health for sponsoring Agnes and Gloria! 

Two New Scholars Accepted into Girls Matter Program

Girls Matter is happy to announce two new scholars into our programs.

Welcome to both Agnes and Gloria!

In even better news both Gloria and Agnes have been sponsored by Haven Health in Whistler, B.C., Canada.  They will be actively working to raise the sponsorship funds for both of these amazing young ladies!

Jane Namukuta Becomes our First Scholar

Jane Namukuta

Jane Namukuta

We have raised enough funds for Jane Namukuta to become our first scholar! 

Jane  lives in the small rural parish of Buyaya in Western Uganda.

She will be using the money to complete the final year of her Public Administration course.

We will doing an interview with Jane shortly to get her thoughts and feelings about becoming a Girls Matter scholar.