Update from Jane Dec 2017

Below is an update from our scholar Jane Namukuta.  Jane needs a further 500,000 Ugandan shillings (about $180 Canadian) to finish her research studies and fully complete her Bachelor of Public Administration.

Sponsorship options are below. 

Uganda Christian University
Mbale Campus

14th December 2017

To the Meaningful Volunteers,
Am Namukuta Jane from Buyaya, a student from Uganda Christian University Mbale campus pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management.  I am so grateful for whatever you have done for me.

God bless you so much because I have finished my exams for semester six but I still have to research for next year from early January to early April just because I had no money for research.

I can not get a job when I have not finished my studies.  

Otherwise am very glad to be the product of Meaningful in Buyaya.

Moreover, the first product from Buyaya is a blessing unto my life.  I will be graduating this year if things go on when I finish my research studies which cost 500,000 shillings (about $180 Canadian).

Studies have been so interesting because I passed all the courses well.  

Am not working because I have not yet got a transcript from the university and they want it before I can get a job.  

God bless you all!

Yours faithfully
Namakutu Jane
Merry Christmas!